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Want to learn more about how the most ambitious cities plan for climate change? Then join C40's Climate Action Planning Webinar Series to hear directly from cities about their climate action plans, including their targets, actions, challenges and best practices, as well as deep-dives on specific topics.

Los Angeles Green New Deal Sustainable City pLAn - Mayor's Voice

Lauren Faber O'Connor, Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles – 08/02/2019 17:00 UTC   Find your time zone

Join us for our next C40 Climate Action Planning Programme Mayor's Voice Webinar featuring Chief Sustainability Officer, Lauren Faber O'Connor, discussing Los Angeles' Green New Deal, an ambitious climate action plan aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. This new plan builds on the Sustainable City pLAn presented in 2015 by Mayor Eric Garcetti, seeking to further accelerate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the creation of green jobs and improve air quality and public health.

Los Angeles Green New Deal Sustainable City pLAn - Technical Drill

Kathryn Goldman, Climate Adviser, Sustainability, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles – 08/21/2019 17:00 UTC   Find your time zone

Join the second part of our C40 Climate Action Planning Programme Webinar Series featuring Los Angeles Green New Deal Sustainable City pLAn, where Kathryn Goldman, Climate Adviser to the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, will analyse the various elements of the City pLAn in depth. 

Just Transition: advancing climate goals and building livelihoods for all

Just Transition – 09/04/2019 16:00 UTC   Find your time zone

Climate change, and often the responses to it, are unfair. People who are socially, economically, culturally, politically, institutionally or otherwise marginalised are especially vulnerable to climate change. Moreover, these communities cannot always access the benefits of climate action.

If addressing climate change does not meet the needs of city residents, mayors and governments risk losing permission to act.

Join our Inclusive Climate Action Webinar Series and learn more about what inclusive and equitable climate action looks like in practice in cities.

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OneNYC 2050: New York City's long-term strategic plan

Daniel A. Zarrilli, Chief Climate Policy Advisor and OneNYC Director, NYC Office of the Mayor – 07/17/2019 15:00 UTC   Find your time zone

Like many C40 Cities, New York City’s residents are facing a climate crisis that threatens their way of life -- on top of rising unaffordability, economic insecurity and wealth and health disparities in the city. As the OneNYC 2050 plan states, “everything we do to combat climate change and support growth must also advance human rights, public health, and economic prosperity for all New Yorkers."

Learn from Daniel A. Zarrilli, Chief Climate Policy Advisor and OneNYC Director, NYC Office of the Mayor, why the City's new plan is a tremendous step towards carbon neutrality, but not at the expense of the millions of residents who call it home. The City is striving to ensure that the benefits and burdens of transitioning to a zero-carbon economy are shared equitably among people and communities, with a particular focus on those who may be most impacted by the climate crisis. For New York City, this means ensuring every resident can participate equally in the city’s democracy; building pathways to meaningful, green jobs; and exploring new models of ownership that generate and keep value in communities. Find out also how the City is tracking the progress of their dual climate and equity goals through 10 core indicators, from air quality to voter turn-out.

Barcelona plans for an environmentally just future

Irma Ventayol Ceferino, Barcelona City Council – 06/19/2019 16:39 UTC   Find your time zone

Barcelona was among seven cities featured in C40’s Inclusive Climate Action In Practice report, released in January 2019. Prior to the development of the Climate Plan 2018 - 2030, research had shown that the impacts of climate change would be distributed unevenly among the city’s population. The city’s 2016 Health Survey showed that over 10% of Barcelona’s population experiences energy poverty. Additional studies found that elderly people, young children, and women would be impacted disproportionately from the impact of heat and rising temperatures.

In response to these uneven impacts, Barcelona designed its new Climate Plan with climate justice at its core, focusing on inclusive actions that serve all Barcelona citizens, but also support those who are most vulnerable.

Barcelona’s Climate Plan 2018 introduces climate actions that help tackle inequality, like climate shelters, mobility superblocks and energy advice points. But addressing climate change and social inequity jointly also required the city to improve its internal coordination, to ensure that information would be shared across city departments and with key stakeholders.