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Paris Climate Action Plan - Towards a carbon neutral city and 100% renewable energy [Part I]

Célia Blauel, Deputy Mayor in charge of the Environment, Sustainable Development, the Climate Plan for Energy and Water Channels Policy, City of Paris – 07/09/2018 15:00 UTC   Find your time zone

Learn more about the newly announced ambitious Paris Climate Action Plan, adopted by the city council unanimously in March 2018. Paris Climate Action Plan comes as a response to the city’s participation in C40’s Deadline 2020 Pilot Programme, being one of the first city plans that aims to deliver the scale of emission reduction and ambitious climate action required to meet the highest targets of the Paris Agreement. 

Part I consisted of an overview of the plan and walked attendees through the steps needed to develop such an ambitious plan.

Oslo's Climate Budget [Part II]

Catrin Robertsen, Climate Budget Advisor and Audun Garberg, Head of the Climate Department, Climate Agency, City of Oslo – 06/27/2018 14:00 UTC   Find your time zone

During Oslo's Climate Budget Technical Drill webinar, the city Climate Agency broke down the technical details about the process and methodologies undertaken to develop, implement and manage Oslo's Climate Budget, one of the first city climate budgets in the world. Find out more about Oslo's Climate Budget process and framework by watching the webinar led by Oslo's Vice Mayor Lan Marie Nguyen Berg.

Consumption-based GHG emissions of C40 cities

Michael Doust, Programme Director, Measurement and Planning, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group – 06/20/2018 14:00 UTC   Find your time zone

This webinar presented the 'Consumption-based GHG emissions of C40 Cities' Report, carried out by C40 in partnership with the University of Leeds (United Kingdom), the University of New South Wales (Australia), and Arup, and introduced the methodology and results of the study investigating the consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from 79 C40 cities:

  • What are consumption-based GHG emissions?
  • Technical approach taken when assessing city consumption-based GHG emissions and results analysis
  • Need for taking action on consumption-based GHG emissions at city-level

Oslo's Climate Budget [Part I]

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, Vice Mayor for Environment and Transport, City of Oslo – 05/18/2018 15:00 UTC   Find your time zone

Learn more about Oslo’s Climate Budget, one of the first city climate budgets in the world. Oslo's Climate Budget is the blueprint the city uses to achieve its ambitious emission reduction targets. It is a governance tool that clearly outlines the measures that the City of Oslo will implement, who is responsible for them, the timeline for their implementation and the expected emission reductions. It budgets the city’s CO2 emissions in a similar manner to the city’s finances. Furthermore, its annual review provides an opportunity to make continual improvements and allow the city to respond to emerging challenges.