Join Deadline 2020

Delivering on the objectives of Paris Agreement will require all cities to take transformational actions to reduce transportation emissions, improve building energy efficiency, increase the supply of green energy, and change consumption patterns, while strengthening the ability to deal with the impacts of climate change through adaptation. Deadline 2020 sets out the level of ambition and urgency needed to ensure cities deliver on the objectives of the Paris Agreement.    

Our aim is that every C40 city will develop and begin implementing a climate action plan before the end of 2020, which will deliver action consistent with the objectives of the Paris Agreement – an integrated and inclusive plan that addresses the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the impacts of climate change, and deliver wider social environmental and economic benefits. C40 is providing support to member cities through the C40 Climate Action Planning Programme.

To enable all cities to make a similar commitment to ambitious climate action, C40 is making its frameworks, tools, and resources publicly available through the Climate Action Planning Resource Centre.

Over half of the emissions savings needed to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, can be delivered directly or through collaboration by city governments. Cities are critical to delivering a climate safe future - the time to act is now.

How to get involved?

C40 city

  1. Mayor signs the “Letter of Commitment to ‘Deadline 2020’ Climate Action Planning to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement” and sends it to your C40 Regional Director.
  2. Contact your C40 Regional Director for more information on guidance, tools, and C40 technical assistance for your city and support with outreach and engagement around your commitment.

Non-C40 city

  1. Mayor or equivalent signs the "Letter of Commitment to 1.5˚C aligned, resilient and inclusive climate action planning to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement" and sends it to
  2. Following submission of your Letter of Commitment, C40 will share resources and information, including options for media outreach and guidance for reviewing your city climate action plan.
  3. Join the C40 Knowledge Hub community to access global best practice guidance on climate action in key sectors.
  4. Work with member organisations that your city is part of to get additional support around 1.5˚C aligned, resilient and inclusive climate action planning for your city, including external review of your action plan against the requirements of the Climate Action Planning Framework and compatibility with the Paris Agreement.